Simply Social – affordable for small biz like yours.

Over the months we have come across many small business owners who was very reluctant to try Social Media Marketing because:
  1. They found it confusing
  2. They found it expensive
  3. They were not willing to spend a lot on marketing
  4. They did not have the team or people to do it
But they all wished if Social Media was cost effective for them. We listened to them, understood their concerns and came out with a program known as “Simply Social” which is a cost effective Social Media Management and Marketing plans which helps to get small businesses on social media!

We have identified Social Media plans that’s affordable for small business owners and have categorized them as follows:

  • SIMPLY social
  • BETTER social
  • ADVANCED social
  • SUPER social



Call us now or email us for a Free Business Consultation and we can work with you on any of our current plans and get your business on social media right away.

Sen Baby
Social Media Expert
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