Urgent Care Owners.. you need to read this

Your target prospect patients looking for urgent care and walk-in services are driven by two reasons. They either have a need to address a medical illness or injury or need a quick walk-in visit for another medical reason, such as a physical exam. Approximately 72% of prospective patients are searching the web for the right doctor or urgent care center to fulfill their immediate care needs. Below we have listed 5 steps that can help towards achieving your goal – Attract, Maintain and Retain your Patients

Urgent Care Marketing Plan Drivers

No 1. Your Website should not only look good but should be able to convert Into more patients for your Urgent Care

  What does this mean by is that website should look neat, clean with a perfect laid out plan and Call to action. Any patient who goes to your website should be able to know which number to call in, what are the location hours, services being offered. Now with almost all patients being on the phone are able to conduct web searches, including reviewing your business. They should be Mobile Optimized

No 2. Advertising online is a key to Success.

If you think that you can rely on word of mouth or paper Ads alone to create a prosperous lead generation tool for your medical business that is not the case. Optimizing your urgent care center’s website for organic search is a very important strategy; however, it cannot solely be used in place of paid advertising.

No 3.  As you may or may not be aware, Email Marketing and Email Marketing Automation are two very different tools.

If you are a startup urgent care, then Email Marketing is a valuable tool to get your marketing campaign started. However, if your plan is to grow your Urgent Care Center, you must plan on incorporating Email Marketing Automation into your marketing strategy. This is shown to be one of the most effective ways to convert prospective patients into patients with billable medical events

No 4. Social Media, specifically Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing and is also an effective tool for the Marketing Plan for Urgent Care Centers.

Although this strategy is listed last, it’s the most important. For Urgent Care Centers and other medical businesses, social media engagement and conversion is necessary.  Facebook has well over 1.6 Billion active users and Instagram has 700 Million active users If you don’t already have it, your Urgent Care Center is missing out on a lot.  There are lot of variables that is possible on Facebook such as Hyper Targeted, Location and Gender based targeting is possible on Facebook. You can also target audiences based on interests, behavior patterns

No 5 Proximity Marketing using Bluetooth Technology

Even though SMS Marketing exists, this method of marketing is just becoming popular these days. We can deploy Marketing notification at Certain Mobile or Fixed Locations within a range span of 100 m using Bluetooth Technology to Android Users. Business could use this to attract new Customers or to market to their existing customers.Considering Android makes up a big percentage of mobile device users, there is still a very high percentage of audience that can be targeted. Give your Business the Social Media Uplift that it needs  to gain more patients.

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